2021 Christmas Recital Information:

    Theme:  The Nutcracker Ballet

    Show Date:  

    Where:  The Granada Theatre


    COVID restrictions:  everyone must wear
        a mask to enter the theatre and while
        moving about the theatre.

    Performance Line up:  click

    Dress Rehearsals - (In costume/dance shoes):

​    Arrival time prior to show:  those students
      in first half of show must be at their side 
      isle place between 6:15 - 6:30 p.m.
      Sitters will take students to dressing areas
      at 6:30 p.m.

    Stage/Auditorium rules:  
        All children in the auditorium must be
        supervised by an adult.  For safety reasons,
        children are not allowed on the stage prior
        to, during intermission, or after the show.

    Video Taping:  You may video tape your 
        child's dances from your phone at your
        seat or you may set up a tri-pod at the 
        back or side isles of the auditorium.
        I will not be selling videos of the show.

    Please, no bright hair color on hair.
    No extra headpieces/hair bows except what
        came with the costume.  Check costume
        book to see what dances we are using

    Ballet: I prefer long hair up in bun, if
           possible. If your child is in more than one
           dance, she may leave it in a bun for all

    Tap/jazz/Street Dance: hair may be down as
        long as it is pulled away from face. 

     Ballet - Pink ballet shoes
     Tap - Black tap shoes
     Jazz/Street Dance - Tan jazz shoes

    Tights:  All classes are wearing tan tights. 

    Nail Polish:  NO bright colored nail polish.

    Jewelry:  NO jewelry allowed except 
        recently pierced ears.