August Dance Notes:

Mark Your Calendars:
June 7th – August 11th (10 weeks): Summer dance classes. See website for schedule.

July 18 - Aug 12th – online enrollment for Fall 2022 classes. Click on Class Schedule to see
  days/times of classes. Please do NOT try to enroll prior to this date as the software will not
  let you enroll. All classes are first come first served and a maximum of 9 students per class.
  I will take private and semi-private starting with the oldest students first. You will need to 
  contact me for the day/time you would like. Please see the open slots in the class schedule.
  Private / Semi-private will need to choose a Christmas Song and costume. Please see song
  titles already being used on the Class Schedule page of website.

July 23 - Aug 6: registration for the Back to School Princess Tea Party.

Aug. 1st: Those on Auto Pay: your withdrawal will include August dance fees (Summer & or Fall
  classes), Christmas Recital Fee, and Christmas costume fee. If you’d like to pay the costume
  fee closer to due date (8/26), please let me know prior to August 1st (Auto Pay will not run
  again until Sept. 1st, so your payment for the costume will have to be made through your
  Parent Portal before 8/26).

August 14th - Princess Tea Party, at the studio, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. See the website Home page tab
  for more info.

August 22nd: Fall dance classes start this week. This year’s Christmas show will be the
  traditional Christmas show, "Jingle Bell Rock".

August 26th: Christmas costume fee deadline.

September 5th: Studio closed for Labor Day

November 19th: Recital Pictures. See website or studio bulletin board for your scheduled time.

November 22nd thru 25th: Studio closed for Thanksgiving break.

December 9th: Dress Rehearsal for those in the 2nd half of show at The Granada Theatre,
  6:00 p.m. dressed and ready for your first dance. More info will be given closer to time.

December 10th: Dress Rehearsal for those in the 1st half of the show at The Granada
  Theatre, 1:00 p.m. dressed and ready for your first dance. More info will be given close to
  7:00 p.m. Show starts

December 12th thru 16th: We will have classes this week and continue to follow the fall
  schedule. Any schedule changes for the Spring 2023 schedule will take effect when classes
  start back up in January.

December 19th thru January 1st: Studio closed for Christmas break.

January 2nd: Spring 2023 classes begin this week.

March 13 thru 17th: Studio closed for Spring Break

The studio does NOT follow the school schedule except for Labor Day, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.

Visit the studio website often to stay up to date on studio happenings! Most important pages of the website: Important Dates and Class Schedule. Here you will find important dates, info on pictures, tights, costume pictures, music to practice with, etc.

Fall Dance classes:  
Enrollment is first come first serve. The maximum number of students per group class is nine.  

Students who are immune compromised or have a family member that is may do their classes 
via zoom. All other students are to attend class at the studio.

Enrollment: ONLINE enrollment starts JULY 18th – the system will NOT allow you to enroll prior to this date! Enrollment for group classes is first come first serve. All private/semi-private classes are scheduled through me, so you will need to contact me via email to set your day/time. Please update any new/changed information in your parent portal (phone, address, email, account #/expiration date for Auto pay, etc.). If you are doing zoom classes, please add: (zoom) at end of child’s last name

Private & Semi-Private students: I will enroll you for your private or semi-private class (please contact me via email if you wish to schedule one), however, you will need to enroll in any group classes you wish to take. Once you enroll in a group class, I will send you an updated statement to show the updated fees and costume fees (if any).

Christmas Show: This year’s Christmas show will be the Traditional Christmas show: Jingle Bell Rock.  

Recital Fee: The recital fee for the Christmas show is $50.00. This fee will be due with your August dance fees.

Christmas Costumes: Costume fees and measurements are due before August 26th. The costume orders will go in August 26st. Late orders will be charged full shipping/handling fees. To view your child’s costume and cost (includes sales tax): log into your Parent Portal, scroll down and click on costume icon, click link, you should now see the costume, look for the size chart to help you determine your child’s size needed to order your costume.

Costume Measuring: Parents are responsible for measuring their child(ren) for costumes. Please watch the video ( ). This will help tremendously!!! You will post the size that you would like to order for your child in the parent portal. Log into Parent Portal, scroll down and click on Costume Icon, enter size, click save. DO NOT email me with measurements. Measurements must be posted through the Parent Portal prior to or upon your first class.

Measuring guidelines:
Bust: measure fullest part of chest
Waist: measure natural waistline
Hips: measure from side view to get fullest part of hips/bum
Girth: MOST IMPORTANT measurement to size with. Start measuring tape at right shoulder, go down front of body, thru crotch, up the back, and to the same shoulder. Make sure they are standing up straight but not raising the shoulders up or slouching the body down.
* Add two inches to the girth measurement to allow for growth.

Write these measurements down.

Reading the size charts: Each company sizes differently, so it is important to look at the sizing chart for your costume.

Find the girth measurement size first. You want your child's girth measurement to be in the lower end of the measurements shown on chart. 

Next look at chest, waist, & hip measurements to see if they fall in the lower end of the measurements shown on chart. If so, then that is the size you need to order. If the chest, waist & hip measurements are at the top end or over the measurements on chart then order next size up.

It is best to order bigger than smaller to allow for growing (you know how fast your child grows). 

If your childs measurements put them in a child XL, XXL , adult XL, you will be charged a plus size fee of $7.00, Adult XXlarge $12.00.

Ordering Tights: you will need to order your own tights. I would prefer you order from, style #C80 or #A80, so that everyone is wearing the same color. All students will be wearing the Jazzy Tan color for the Christmas show.

Dance Fees: August dance fees for summer classes will be prorated for 2 weeks of classes (covers classes held 8/2 – 8/9). August dance fees for fall classes will be prorated for 2 weeks of classes (covers classes held Aug. 22 – Sept. 2nd). You will be receiving your August Dance Statement via separate email.  
August fees, Recital Fee are due upon registration to reserve your child’s spot in the class, and Costume Fees are due by August 26th. 

Auto Pay: if you are currently enrolled for Auto Pay, it will withdraw for August dance fees, Recital Fee, and Costume fees on August 1st. Please see your statement so you know the amount that will be taken out of your account. If you’d like to pay the costume fee closer to due date (8/26), please let me know prior to August 1st (Auto Pay will not run again until Sept. 1st, so your payment for the costume will have to be made through your Parent Portal before 8/26).

If you enroll in fall classes on August 1st or after, you will need to pay your August fees, Recital fees, & costume fees through your Parent Portal as a one time payment.

Making payments toward your August fees and costumes: You may make payments to your account, through the Parent Portal, at any time for whatever amount you wish. I know everything hits at once with school enrollment and activities. Hopefully this will help you out. Just keep in mind that Dance Fees & Recital fees must be paid prior to your first class and Costume Fees must be paid in full by August 26th.

Update your account Info: please check over all your information in the parent portal and make any needed changes.

As always, visit the Important Dates and Monthly Notes pages, on the website, to stay up to date on what is happening at the studio throughout the year!  

If you have any questions, you may contact me by e-mail at:

I look forward to seeing everyone real soon,

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