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General Info:
Costumes that are 2 or 3 in 1 are used whenever possible so that you can switch the accessories for the different dances they are in. When I choose costumes, the style of music, the size of students, and facial and hair color are taken into consideration.  Those students doing a solo or semi-solo are allowed to choose their own costumes, with approval from me.

Costumes are not to be altered in any way, unless approved by me. (Example: cutting jazz pants or shorts to be "low rise" style, or adding "jewels" to the fronts of basics!). If any changes are made to costumes, all students/parents/teacher must agree to these changes.

Tights do not come as part of the costume, you will need to purchase your own tights.  See Tights below for more information.

Cost of costumes runs around $50.00 - $80.00 each. Costumes that are 2 or 3 in 1 are used whenever possible so that you can switch the accessories for the different dances they are in. When choosing costumes, the style of music, the size of students, and facial and hair color are taken into consideration. You will receive your costume bill in: Spring Show--November, Summer Show--May, Christmas Show--July. All orders must be pre-paid (The specific due date will be on your costume statement.) There are NO refunds on costumes once the order is placed (costume companies policy not mine). Late orders: full shipping and handling costs, per costume, will be added to your account. Late orders are not guaranteed to arrive by picture date or show date and Sherry's Dance Workshop will not be held accountable.

Costumes owned by Sherry's Dance Workshop and used by students will be charged a $25.00 rental charge per costume.

Viewing the Costume/Measurements/Sizing for Costumes:
Parents are responsible for measuring and choosing the size of their child's costumes.  

Instructional video on how to measure: copy and paste the link to your web browser.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxbVJytK_tk

Measuring Guidelines:
Bust:  measure fullest part of chest
Waist:  measure natural waistline
Hip:  measure from side view to get fullest part of hips/bum
Girth:  MOST IMPORTANT measurement to size with.  Start measuring tape
at right shoulder, go down the front of the body, through the crotch, up the
back, and to the same shoulder.  Make sure they are standing up straight
but not raising the shoulders up or slouching the body down. 
** Add 2 inches to this measurement to allow for growth.

Write these measurements down.

How to enter sizes on your Parent Portal:  Log in to your Parent Portal and click on the Costumes icon.  Here you will see class/song names for each class your child(ren) is enrolled in.  Under this heading, click on link to view the costume and locate the costume company size chart.  

After you've measured your child, locate the girth measurement on the size chart first (make sure to add 2 inches to your child's girth measurement, if they are still growing). The girth measurement is the most important and should be what you base your size from, unless the child has a small torso and full body shape. Then look at other measurements (chest, waist, hips) to see if they fall into the same size or below, this is the size your child needs.  Note: if a waist measurement falls in the size above, don't worry about it, most of the costumes are stretchy enough to accommodate.  If a child's size falls into a XLC, XXLC, XLA, XXLA, a charge of $5.00 will be added to your account.

Go back to the costume page in your Parent Portal, under link, click on Enter Size, select size from the drop down bar, click SAVE.  This size you have entered is for the costume basic (leotard part of the costume).

If your child is in more than one dance and the basic is the same for all dances, you will only have to enter the size once and it doesn't matter which class you enter the size in.  However, if your child takes say a group class and a solo class and the basics are different- you will need to enter the size for the group class AND the solo, as the costume company size charts vary.

Repeat this process for each child.

When Will Costume arrive:
It takes 10-12 weeks for the costume order to be processed and shipped and I always allow ample time for any costumes that need to be exchanged for size.  Most companies will ship what they have in stock, so some costumes come in very early, however, they may not ship all sizes that I ordered, only what they have in the warehouse. Please be patient if your child's size does not come in the first shipment.

Costumes will be tried on during class. The costume companies only allow 10 days to try them on the students and return any that need exchanged. 

Costume Exchanges:
​Any exchange must be within 10 days of receipt of costume. All shipping charges and restocking/exchange fees must be paid prior to exchange. 

Click Here for Costume Exchange Form and instructions on how to exchange.

Parents are to order their own tights. The color of tights needed is posted on the costume sheets for each class. Tights are to be ordered through the studio online store: https://www.shopnimbly.com/sherrysdance

Navigating the store:
  * Log in - you can use the same password as your Parent Portal if you like.
  * In the drop down menu, click on Classroom Attire.
* go to 2nd page to find the tights.
  *Please order the Suntan color for the 2023 Christmas show.