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                                          Sherry's Dance Workshop puts on two productions 
                                                              per year!

Recitals (Spring Recital/Christmas show)
Spring shows have a specific theme each year. The Spring show is usually held the end of May or first part of June. 

The Christmas shows consist of the Nutcracker Ballet or a Traditional Christmas Show or The Christmas Attic and are rotated every 3 years. 

Students are not obligated to participate in the shows. Those that do not participate will remain in their regular dance classes and learn the dances, they just won't perform at the show.  

Dress Rehearsal (attendance is mandatory)
Dress Rehearsal is a stage practice in full costume and will take place at The Granada Theatre or other designated venue.  

Everyone will meet in the auditorium area, prior to starting the dress rehearsal, for a brief meeting and to introduce the stage helpers and those who will be supervising the students back stage (See Backstage helpers). 

I would like the dancers to arrive already dressed for their first dance. Please do their hair and make up before arriving, too! All lighting and sound will be used just like recital. This is very important for all to attend so that students & backstage helpers will know how much time it takes to change costumes/shoes and be ready for their next dance. 

While on the premises of The Granada Theatre, we must also adhere to the policies requested by the personnel of the Auditorium. Neither Sherry's Dance Workshop, L.L.C. or personnel of the Auditorium are responsible for any items left or damaged at the Auditorium.

Rules and Policies while at the stage
(These policies will be enforced at all performance venues, where applicable)
  • Children are NOT allowed on the stage prior to show or during intermission.
  • You may video tape at the back or side isles on the MAIN floor of the auditorium, no exceptions. No flash photography or video camera lights.  Selling copies of videos or photos of any show is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate dismissal from Sherry's Dance Workshop.
  • Students are to be supervised by an adult at all times and remain seated during the show.
  • Standing in and climbing over the auditorium chairs is NOT allowed.  Let's all be safe!
  • Parents are to remain in the auditorium during dress rehearsal and show.
  • Saving of seats is prohibited, except for special request for handicapped.  Only a staff member of the venue we are at is allowed to use tape on the auditorium chairs.
  • ALL students are to remain in the auditorium, prior to starting dress rehearsal, until called to go backstage, NO exceptions.
  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited backstage.
  • ALL students participating in a show MUST attend dress rehearsal.
  • NO extra headpieces other than what came with the costume is allowed.  No Jewelry or nail polish to be worn.  Costumes are not to be altered in any way, unless approved by me. (Example: cutting jazz pants or shorts to be "low rise" style, or adding "jewels" to the fronts of basics!)
  • Any negative actions/comments when asked to adhere to these policies will result in your child being dismissed from the show. 

Dressing Areas 
Due to the number of students and lack of dressing space, we will have assigned dressing/waiting areas, to keep the dance groups together!! 

Backstage Helpers
Parents do not stay back stage with the dancers as the college and teenage students are assigned dance groups to supervise, in assigned dressing/waiting areas. This allows the parents to enjoy the show without the hustle, bustle and hassle!!  It will also make more room for everyone in the dressing/waiting areas. Parents are responsible for having their child completely ready for their first dance when you bring them to the auditorium. The backstage helpers will take students to their assigned areas and help those students, in more than one dance, to change accessories and shoes for their next dance.  Backstage helpers are not responsible for fixing hair or doing makeup!

Students are to arrive at their specified time and go to their assigned side isle, in the auditorium, with their babysitter.  The babysitters will take them back stage to their assigned dressing areas.  

Special Recognition:
Seniors:  students graduating from High School or College will be given special recognition during the spring recital.

Video Taping
You may video tape the actual recital, however, I ask that all video taping be done at the back of the auditorium or outside isles of the MAIN floor, so that others may enjoy the show. Please do not use video cameras with lights--this ruins the stage lighting and is very distracting to the dancers. Also, if someone has their unit plugged into an outlet–Please DO NOT unplug it without their permission. If at all possible, use batteries. I would like to continue to allow you to do your own video taping as long as it does not become a big problem! Thank you for your courtesy to others and your cooperation in allowing this privilege!!  I will let you know if we will be having a professional videographer.
I no longer sell DVD's of the shows.

Recital Fees
A recital fee will be charged to your account, per student participating in a show,  and is due the first month of a new session (January, June, August). This fee covers the cost of backdrops, stage props, special lighting equipment/effects,  auditorium rental, technician wages, and babysitting costs for back stage. There is no charge at the door for recital.  Recital Fees:  $60.00 per student. This fee is Non-refundable. 

Dance Fee Accounts
All accounts MUST be PAID IN FULL by the 10th of the month prior to RECITAL. Those with past due accounts, your child will NOT be allowed to participate in recital.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any accounts with balances due  will be turned over for legal collection the first business day following recital and all court costs incurred will be charged to your account. Your child will not be allowed to register for future classes until the account is paid in full.

Flowers and Gifts 
You may give your child flowers/gifts prior to or following the recital.  I do NOT allow rushing of the stage during the dance numbers or finale'. A table will be set up at the back of the auditorium for you to place your flowers and gifts.

Picture Day
Individual and group shots will be taken by a professional photographer. You are NOT obligated to purchase pictures, this is an extra service available to you provided by the photographer. 

There are several picture packages/prices for you to choose from. You will receive a picture schedule closer to time. I will not change the picture schedule, for other activities, within two weeks of picture taking. 

Please try to attend, whether you purchase or not, to be part of the group shot.

Photos of Past Recital Performances
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