Proper Attire and Where to Purchase
Proper attire and shoes need be worn to class. The Instructor must see the body to help you in your dancing. Proper body alignment is very important.

Attire - NO oversized T-shirts, blue jeans shorts or blue jean pants allowed.
There is no style/color requirement! Leotards and skirts may be purchased locally at WalMart or ordered at any online dance wear store of your choice. 

Ballet & Pointe: leotard & tights (skirt or shorts optional), or biketard --NO Pants
   Glitter skirts are NOT allowed.
Tap: Leotard with tights/shorts/stretchable pants or biketard
Jazz & Street Dance: knee pads, leotard & shorts/stretchable pants or biketard

Tights - Please see costume book for the color needed.
  (I suggest:, item #C80 or #A80 in theatrical pink, 
  jazzy tan, and white.)

Shoes - Appropriate shoes must be worn for the type of class you are taking.
  Please write your childs full name in all shoes! Boys shoes: all shoes are black.

Ballet shoes: Leather--PINK  No house slippers or gymnastic shoes. The proper 
  way to wear ballet shoes are to have the ties knotted and tucked in.  
  Ages 4 - 8: may wear the full sole ballet shoes and can be purchased at any
                  online dance wear store.
                  (I suggest:, item #T1000C)

  Ages 9 up should wear the split sole ballet shoes 
               (I suggest:, item #T2800C for child sizes, or
                item #T2800 for adult sizes)

Tap: BLACK - tap button/elastic ties required. No ribbon ties
  Age 5 - 8: may wear the patent leather tap shoes 
              (I suggest:, #T9415C or T9415)

  Ages 9 up: may wear split sole soft leather tap shoes 
          (I suggest:, item #T9555C or. #T9555)

Jazz & Street Dance: Leather -TAN pull on style   
   No house slippers or gymnastic shoes. All sizes in pull on style jazz shoes. 
         (I suggest:, item #T7602C or T7602)

Hair (long hair must be pulled back away from the face)
Ballet: a bun is preferred, however a pony tail is accepted.
Tap/Jazz/Street Dance: pony tail
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