Proper attire and shoes MUST be worn to class. The Instructor must see the body to help you in your dancing. Proper body alignment is very important.  

ALL students MUST wear a leotard (any style/color) or lycra athletic tank top. They may wear tights or leggings, shorts (spandex/stretch only), or a skirt (elastic waist only). Long hair MUST be pulled up in a ponytail or bun. Short hair must have bangs pinned back. They are to wear the correct shoes for each class they participate in.

NOT ALLOWED:   T-shirts, sweatshirts, blue jean shorts or blue jean pants, cotton shorts, skirts that need tied, or glitter skirts.

I now have an online dancewear store through Revolution Dancewear called Nimbly.  You may purchase anything shown in the store, however I do have specific items approved for classroom wear.  See Below.

To access the store:
Navigating the store:
    * Log in - you can use the same password as your Parent Portal if you like.
    * Select a category:  Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes, Tap shoes, or Classroom Attire.
      These items are the approve styles for Sherry's Dance Workshop.

​There are other items available to you, through Revolution Dancewear, for purchase, however, keep in mind what I allow in the classroom.

If you choose to shop elsewhere, please take a look at the styles shown, in the online store, so that you are purchasing correct items.

Tank or camisole one piece leotard with or without attached skirt. Must be glitter free.

Elastic waist only and glitter free.  No long skirts.

Any style or color is acceptable for weekly classroom wear.  We do have specific colors assigned for recitals.  You will need to check the costume book for your child's tights color and they must be full sole or convertible style.

Must be stretchable/lycra spandex.  Leggings must fit snug down the leg.  No boot cut jazz pants allowed for class.

Dance Sweaters:
These may be worn, especially in the winter time, and I will still be able to see body alignment of the student.

Body Liners:  
For students who have to make a complete costume change during
performances (there is no privacy in dressing areas, so this allows them to change comfortably).

Boys Attire:  
The best place to find boys/men's attire is at Amazon.  Search for:
Shirts:  boys/men's athletic tank or T shirt (snug fitting)
Shorts:  boys/men's jersey or stretch above the knee shorts
Pants:  boys/men's straight legged stretch jazz pants or straight legged stretch             athletic pants.

Appropriate shoes must be worn for the type of class you are taking.  Please write your child's full name in all shoes (if you lose them then we know who they belong to! 

Boys shoes: all shoes are black.

Ballet shoes: Leather--PINK  No house slippers or gymnastic shoes. I do not suggest the canvas fabric ballet shoes as they show dirt and cannot be cleaned easily. The proper way to wear ballet shoes are to have the ties knotted and tucked in (you may tape the ties to the inside of the shoe to keep them in).  

  Ages 4 - 8: wear the full sole ballet shoes 
  Ages 9 up should wear the split sole ballet shoes 

Tap shoesBLACK - tap button/elastic ties required. No ribbon ties
    Beginner level classes will not wear their tap shoes in class until they have
    completed the tap basics.  I will let you know when your child can start
    wearing their tap shoes.

  Age 5 - 8:  full sole, patten leather, buckle or velcro fastened
  Ages 9 up: may wear split sole soft leather jazz tap shoes 

Jazz/Street Dance: Leather -TAN pull on style only  
   No house slippers or gymnastic shoes.

Hair for Classroom:  
Long hair MUST be pulled back in a ponytail or bun.  Short hair must have bangs clipped back away from face.

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