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Dress Rehearsal Information

    All students must be dressed in costume/
    shoes for their first dance. 
    Students are to remain in the auditorium
    prior to rehearsal starting.

    We Will have a brief meeting prior to the
    rehearsal to introduce babysitters, let you
    know what side Isle your child will report
    to at show, and where you will be picking
    them up when they are finished with 
    their dances.

    Dress Rehearsals will start with Roses     Recognition, then Grand Finale, then 
    dances in the order that they will be

    Parents are to remain in the auditorium
    during the dress rehearsal, so that you        may take your child when their dances
    are completed. The Babysitters will bring
    them out to the auditorium.  Please pick
    your child up promptly.

    Parents are not allowed back stage during
    rehearsal or show.

    If your child only has one dance, they are
    not to bring anything backstage during
    dress rehearsal or show.  

    If your child has more than one dance,
    please allow only one dance bag for their
    things as there is not much room

    Please DO NOT bring toys, food, or drink
    (except for bottled water with a screw on
    lid) backstage.

    Cell phones are not allowed backstage as
    Sherry's Dance Workshop/Granada Theatre
    are not responsible for damage/stolen