Jazz IS . . .

movents of the body from many dance forms such as ballet, modern, cultural dances, etc. .  Jazz dance is performed to music that is upbeat  and changes with the trends of time.  There are many styles to jazz such as show dance, theatre dance, social dance etc. , however all have the same technical base--ballet.  Jazz performers wear costumes that reflect the style of the song they are performing to and wear jazz shoes that are made of soft leather and low stable heel.

Jazz classes are for ages 6 through 8 year olds.  These classes teach basic jazz techniques and are designed to prepare these students for the street dance classes.  All jazz moves are kept "clean" and age appropriate. I use the teaching methods of The American Jazz standard along with works from leading jazz Masters such as Bob Rizzo, Christy Lane, Cathey Roe, and more.

The following are a few of the steps the students will be learning in each level:

Level A (Beginner):  Isolations of the head, shoulders, ribs, hips,      and knees, positions of the feet and arms, lunges, releve', sitting double attitude, ball changes, lindy, grand battment, grapevine    steps, chasse', step dig walk, scissor kick, leaps, chaine' tour,      pivot turn, seat spins, jazz renverse' turn.

Level B (Beginner/Intermediate):  more isolations of the head, ribs, shoulders, hips, and knees, double attitude rolls, lunge layout,      going no place, rond de jambe kick, bounce walk, vegas 
walk, tuck jump,grand jete' decote', knee turns, air turns
drag turns

Level C (Intermediate):  new isolations of the head, shoulders, ribs, hips, and knees, zipper hip, jazz split, snake ripples, stomach rolls on floor,  L.A. walk, grand battment saute' en  retire', pirouette, saut de basque, barrel turns.