Jazz/Street Dance Is . . .

the latest style of jazz dance using sharp, quick, rhythmic movements to the music of today.  This style incorporates hip hop, funk, and pop and lock to name a few.  This style can be seen on TV Commercials, TV shows and music videos.  Dancers wear everyday clothes and dance sneakers which look like tennis shoes, however, these shoes are built to withstand the jumps, leaps, and turns that dancer performs.

Street Dance classes are for ages 9 through adult.  All moves are kept "clean"
and age appropriate. 

The following are a few of the steps and patterns the students will be learning in each level:

Level A:  (Beginner) basics for hands, head, shoulders, arms, ribs, hips, knees,
kicks, ripples, jumps, turns, leaps, ball changes, releve', patterns include:
Criss Cross Jump, Crazy, heel lift walk,    cold duck slide, the scoop, 
Jiggy Jam, the push away

Level B:  (Beginner/Intermediate)  new movements for shoulders, arms, head, 
ribs, hips, knees., jumps, outside turns, kicks, body ripples, grand jete' decote', knee pop walk, tornado, MC hop kick, seat rolls, Ski step.

Level C:  (Intermediate)  more shoulder & hip movements, toe touches, heel
toe shuffle, twisted walk, donkey kick, push 'n punch, swedish fall, floor movements, wave walk, the boogie, head tuck combo, Twist 'n rock, 

Level D:  (Intermediate/Advanced) more hip movements, fouette pirouette, 
grand jete' fouette, variations on turns, jumps, leaps, knee pop combo, lots of combinations using steps learned in lower levels.