Tap Is . . .

rhythmic movements of the feet either accapella or with music. Dancers wear tap shoes that have metal on the bottoms of the toes and heels, of the shoe, to make all kinds of rhythmic patterns and sounds.

Tap classes are for ages 5 through adult.  I use the teaching method of Al Gilbert along with patterns/combinations from leading tap Masters such as Suzy Guarino (Rets programs), Bob Rizzo, Mike Minery, Sharon Heller, and Alan Onickel to name a few.

The following are a few of the steps the students will be learning in each level:

Level A (Beginner):  shuffle, shuffle hop, shuffle hop toe, kick ball change, shuffle ball change, chaine' tour, buffalo, Irish, maxiford, grapevines, flaps, flap ball change, sugars

Level B (Beginner/intermediate):  level A is repeated at a faster tempo, new steps include--scissors, variations to shuffles, hop shuffle step, flap heel

Level C (Intermediate):  shuffle step heel, scuff, back brush, pique tour, paddle turns, buck time steps, suzy Q, lindy, cramp rolls, military cramp rolls.

Level D (Intermediate/Advanced):  double heel turns, heel stand, riffs, essence,  riff walks, flap cramp rolls, flap ball change turns, toe stands, drawback, maxiford turns, outside paddles, various turn combinations.

Level E (Advanced):  slaps, more riff walks, bombershay, pullbacks, double  wings, pick ups, maxiford pickups, single wings, wing & toe, several turn combinations.

Level F - H (Advanced/Professional):  scuffles, triplets, double and triple drawbacks, swap wings, riffles, toe drop cramp roll, crossing drawbacks, front wings, 4 heel riff walks, variations in shuffles, scuffles, and riffles, nerve taps, variations in time steps, variations in pick ups and wings, air turns, pikes, over the tops, wings with aerial splits.